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Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits
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Code: THPL-86000
Author: P. Yeldham & D. Churchill

Product Information

3m 4f

  • Isobel and Colin, Jim and Brenda, are arranging to go on their annual joint holiday to Torremolinos.
  • However, both the men and the women have decided (separately) they would rather not go: the women because they are sick of it, the men because, according to Jim, two very attractive office girls would appreciate the pleasure of their company - in East Croydon.
  • Both the women and the men suggest that plans are changed, but neither sex divulges the real reason.
  • Complications inevitably ensue - particularly after the arrival not only of Fiona and Doreen (the two office girls but also of young Richard who, having a preference for "older women comes in search of Brenda - and then turns to Isobel as being "older still".

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