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Happy Family

Happy Family
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Code: THPL-86033
Author: Giles Cooper

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2m, 2f.

  • This comedy concerns the Solstice family, a brother and two sisters, and what happens when the elder sister, Susan, introduces her fiancé, who becomes attracted to the younger sister, Deborah.
  • But the three members of the Solstice family are still, emotionally, as vulnerable and innocent as they were as children: Mark, the authoritative brother, is terrified of the dark; Deborah is totally unaware of the facts of life; Susan is the bossy older sister; and holding the three together is an elaborate system of nursery rules and regulations, a secret language, and their joint failure to grow up.
  • The introduction of a stranger into there midst is the catalyst that exposes their weaknesses to us, but will it be enough to break the family free from their childhood chains?
  • The mixture of childishness and maturity revealed by this complex play pinpoints the repression inherent in much adult behaviour.

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