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In The Red

In The Red
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Code: THPL-86048
Author: William Douglas Home

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4m, 3f.

  • A Play.
  • David Clifton, playwright has a vast overdraft.
  • When his new Bank Manager, Bentworth, firm and incorruptible, tells him no more cheques will be honoured, David enlists the help of his family in a deep-laid scheme to remedy matters.
  • Pretending that he has finished two scripts, he induces Bent worth to rehearse with his actress wife, Susan, in one of them, on an evening when everyone else is out of the house.
  • The play is luridly sexual and the intention is to catch Bentworth in a compromising situation, photograph him, and persuade him to raise the cheques ban.
  • The plan goes sadly awry; the resourceful David flounders from one desperate plot to another but on each occasion the tables are most ironically turned.

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