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Khalid the Dreamer

Khalid the Dreamer
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  • A Play.
  • Khalid the Dreamer has the magic of a play children will love to watch and remember forever.
  • Set in romantic Marrakesh, it tells of the story of a young gardener, Khalid, who, through his cheerful hard work and courage, rises to exalted position of Captain of the King's Guard.
  • There is excitement - Khalid fights the bear, Gargorah, set on him by the fierce King of the Forest; comedy, too, in the antics of the dwarfs (who also have an important part to play in the story through their magic almond) and the long-suffering King's troubles with the obstinate Princess Zayda.
  • In the end Khalid's greatest dream comes true and he wins the love of the Princess - despite the disgust of the crotchety dwarf at such soppy romance!
  • The staging of the play can be elaborate or simple.
  • There are sixteen name parts and the opportunity for many more participants as the King's Court, strollers and sellers in the market place.

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged.

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