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Seagulls Over Sorrento

Seagulls Over Sorrento
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Code: THPL-86137
Author: Hugh Hastings

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  • A Play.
  • A small deserted island off Scapa Flow which has a wartime naval fortress that has now been taken over for top secret weapons experiments.
  • Four able seamen arrive having volunteered for the duty.
  • The sailors decide to nickname the island Sorrento.
  • They find to their dismay that the Petty Officer in charge of them is P.O. Herbert, who has a bad reputation around the fleet.
  • He is a strict and so has the men resenting him.
  • Herbert takes a shine to the youngest able seaman - Turner - nicknamed "Sprogg" and orders him to his cabin for cleaning duty.
  • Sprogg comes back later with a bar of chocolate.
  •  Able Seaman Turner "Lofty" is very worried about Herbert's attentions to the younger man, another able Seaman arrives - Hudson.
  • In the War he had been working on radar.
  • He is excused some duties and works on the secret weapon.
  • Herbert tries to get Sprogg to tell him what the men are saying behind his back but he refuses and so is given the task of removing rust from ladders.
  • Lofty is appalled and confronts Herbert but before they resort to blows there is an explosion and Hudson is killed.
  • Another sailor is sent to the island who turns out to be the man who ran away with the wife of one of the other sailors.
  • The trial of the weapon is due and a volunteer is called for.
  • Lofty rigs is so that he is the one to go.
  • Whilst he is on board a ship waiting for the trials to begin he tells the Sub-Lieutenant about Herbert.
  • When the trial has finished the sailors are given leave and P O Herbert is sent to another island where the trials will continue.

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