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The Land Where The Four Rivers Meet

The Land Where The Four Rivers Meet
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Code: THPL-86163
Author: Zina Fallon

Product Information

6m, 4f, 8o.

  • A play for children with music.
  • The play tells how Dick watches swans fly past his high-rise flat and dreams of going with them.
  • Helped by a strange old lady, whom he and his four friends meet in the supermarket, he achieves his dream, and they all fly to the Land Where the Four Rivers Meet.
  • Here, the children meet and make friends with Squirrel, Beaver, Deer, Fox and Bear.
  • Tich, the youngest of the children, goes off with the baby Bears to the Pine Forest.
  • The baby Bears are captured by Trappers but with the help of the Spirit of the Waterfall and the intervention of the strange old lady the children are able to rescue them, and then return home.
  • The staging is very simple with suggestion of setting and front cloths.

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged.

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