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Nil By Mouth

Nil By Mouth
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Code: THPL-86220
Author: John Chapman

Product Information

  • Full Length Play, Comedy
  • Cast: 6m, 6f
  • M6 (1 young West Indian, under 40, 2 elderly); F6 (1 West Indian, 1 elderly) (1F old, non-speaking).
  • Mixed hospital ward By the successful author of Kindly Leave the Stage and Shut Your Eyes and Think of England, comes this very funny take on the National Health Service.
  • Chaos erupts as patients, agency nurses, doctors and sisters battle it out at the start of another busy weekend on the under-funded and under-staffed mixed ward of St Christopher's Hospital.
  • A catalogue of disastrous mistaken identities leads to wrongful diagnosis, visitors becoming patients, and all manner of medical mishaps.

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged.

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