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There Was An Old Woman

There Was An Old Woman
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Code: THPL-86249
Author: David Wood

Product Information

  • Though Mother Shipton’s shoe is crowded to its laces, she lives there happily with her vast brood of children, among them Jack and Jill.
  • Unfortunately, however, the shoe is actually the property of a Giant, who lost it and has been looking for it – with one bare foot – ever since. 
  • One day The Great Boon arrives, a genial and charming, but not terribly efficient, magician, looking for a Circus in which he is due to appear.
  • His attempts to save Mother Shipton and family from the Giant involve the loss of her shoe because he is unable to bring the Giant down to human size and harmlessness without also reducing the shoe.
  • However, after a lot of adventures and muddled magic all ends happily.

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged.

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