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The Clone People, A Thriller

The Clone People, A Thriller
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Code: THPL-86262
Author: Mike Johnson

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4m, 5f.

  • Jay Westcott and Nessa Paxton are two of Hollywood's most successful stars and a happily married couple.
  • While filming on location, Nessa sustains an accidental blow on the head and flees to her home in Beverly Hills before anxious studio staff members can stop her.
  • She bursts in on Jay and, nearly incoherent with hysteria, insists she is really Polly Ackerman, a girl who vanished just before their marriage.
  •  Jay fears for her sanity and, over her protests, he allows the studio to find her and provide medical help.
  • Several strange events make him suspect she might be telling the truth and that something incredibly evil is going on at the studio where he may be the next victim.
  • For an evening of plausible nightmare, suspense and breathtaking terror with a shocking surprise ending, this show can't be excelled.

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