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Daddy`s Dyin`,Who`s Got the Will?

Daddy`s Dyin`,Who`s Got the Will?
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Code: THPL-86266
Author: Del Shores

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3m, 5f.

  • Set in a small Texas town in anytime, U.S.A., Daddy's Dyin' concerns the reunion of a family gathered to await the imminent death of their patriarch, who has recently suffered a physically as well as mentally disabling stroke.
  • In essence, however, it is not the story of the impending demise of the father or of the drafting of his will, but of a rebirth of the spirit of the family unit.
  • Without becoming ponderous, losing a sense of humour or pandering too timeworn cliches about Texans or Texas drawls, the story shares many elements of a good summer novel: it's a fast, delicious, easy read with funny moments, tense moments, touching moments, and characters you care about.

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