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Rialto, Mortmain and Dead End

Rialto, Mortmain and Dead End
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Code: THPL-86284
Author: Richard Parsons

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  • These three short plays weave together the psychologically complex theme of jealousy, deceit and manipulation and throw together the most unlikely of couples: Bruce, in Rialto, is a debonair and attractive ex-actor employed by elderly dying ladies to help them make the most of their last days: to help them "approach the end of their lives with a bang rather than a whimper".
  • He meets more than his match in Clemmie, an elderly widower.
  • In Mortmain when Diana found her dead husband's diary, all her previous assumptions about her marriage were threatened and now Diana is on a mission: to locate all the names mentioned in Toby's diary.
  • Is Arabella Snelgrove in Dead End the perfect, upright and law-abiding citizen?
  • A visit from Brian Wedmore, an inspector from the Department of Social Security, throws grave suspicions on Arabella's honesty.
  • All are tense, tantalizing, psychological thrillers with the most unexpected twists.

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