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Connie & Sabrina in Waiting

Connie & Sabrina in Waiting
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Code: THPL-86301
Author: Sandra Marie Vago

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2m, 3f

  • As this unusual, warm and winning comedy begins, Sabrina, a woman in her fifties, is at a funeral home to play her respects to her dearest and oldest friend, Connie.
  • A flashback moves the scene to the 1960s when both women were teenagers meeting for the first time.
  • Sabrina's name then was Wanda Goodman she changed it after seeing an Audrey Hepburn movie and Connie was still Madeleine she changed her name in homage to Connie Francis.
  • The play follows Connie and Sabrina as they grow up, grow older, grow apart, and grow back together, all against the social backdrop of American life and culture.
  • This is a wry, sometimes sentimental and moving, always funny look at a lifelong friendship between two delightful women.
  • One actor and one actress play numerous supporting roles from the principal to the parents, from beaux to buriers.
  • Audiences will laugh and be moved by this engaging, offbeat story.

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