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The Subject Was Roses

The Subject Was Roses
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Code: THPL-86308
Author: Frank D Gilroy

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2m, 1f.

  • It is May of 1946 and Timmy Cleary has come home from the war to his estranged parents, John and Nettie, in the Bronx apartment where he grew up.
  • As their reunion promises a return to life as it never was, John, giving up a lucrative business opportunity, attends a ball game with his son and grudgingly, at Timmy's request, returns with roses for Nettie in an insincere attempt at reconciliation.
  • Reminiscing, the three attempt to recapture the past and all it symbolizes, but the ideal is shattered amidst recriminations.
  • The next morning Timmy announces he is leaving once again, and husband and wife must face the reality of life with only their memories.

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