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Code: THPL-86318
Author: Arne Skouen

Product Information

2m, 3f.

  • This deeply moving play is set in a hotel bedroom.
  • It is a poignant examination of the resistance of ex-ballerina, Edith, to be parted from her autistic teenage daughter, Malin, against strong opposition from family and friends.
  • Ten years earlier Edith snatched Malin from an institution and took her to live in a remote mountain home.
  • Over the years, steadfastly avoiding psychiatrists and entreaties from her ex-husband Birger, Edith has built a language of imagery and balletic movement which enables Malin and herself to communicate.
  • Now circumstances - which include Edith's impending deafness - force her to make a desperate plea for help to Birger, their son Audun, and friends in order to preserve their life together.
  • But she finds herself isolated with Malin in the esoteric world she has created for them which no-one is willing to share.

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged.

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