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Code: THPL-86323
Author: Hugh Leonard

Product Information

4m, 4f.

  • Three married couples, accompanied by the son of one and daughter of another, assemble on a hill near Dublin to picnic.
  • During the afternoon the various relationships between them, on the surface and beneath it, become apparent, while the young people regard their elders somewhat sardonically across the generation gap.
  • Six years pass, and the group come together again in the same spot - but the place has changed, as they have.
  • In their various ways all show the passage of years.
  • An emotional storm threatens when Myra attacks Jan and Richard for "carrying on for six years", but it is smoothed over and the play ends with all six older people facing to a cassette player while Michael and Lou (the latter now married, but not to him clap their hands in rhythmic accompaniment.

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged.

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