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The Soft September Air

The Soft September Air
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Code: THPL-86330
Author: Charlotte Hastings

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4m, 6f.

  • Lindsey, successful popular novelist, widowed, childless, allows herself to be persuaded into 'boarding' students for the local University, but determines not to get involved in their problems.
  • Inevitably, however, she does.
  • The solid, practical Chris gives her little trouble; the febrile, father-hating, guitar-playing Dickon causes more upheaval, but wins her heart with his warmth and sympathy.
  • The boorish 'Blitz' is another matter, and a scene with his appalling girl-friend, who attempts to smash up the cottage. brings matters to a head.
  • Nevertheless, when she is free from them all, another student appears at the window, and it looks as if she will be starting all over again.

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