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Nutcracker Sweet

Nutcracker Sweet
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Code: THPL-86337
Author: David Wood

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3m, 3f, 1o.

  • The Nuts are gathering for their great Nutty May Fair, run by the imposing Walnut.
  • They decide to show the world that Nuts need not be 'nutty'.
  • Unfortunately, William the strong but dumb inhabitant of the boxing booth, seems to prove the opposite, and is regretfully given his marching orders.
  • He leaves and falls under the spell of the wicked Professor Jelly whose business is making and selling sweets of all kinds, and who is always on the lookout for nuts to "glaze" and add to his collection.
  • Together they almost succeed in glazing all our hero nuts, but with the help of Monkeynut, Old Ma Coconut and the restitution of William, the day is caved, and Professor Jelly is imprisoned in his own glaze and turned into a large chocolate.

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged.

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