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Code: THPL-86347
Author: Derek Parkes

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2m, 2f.

  • Simon forced into early retirement due to a bad heart condition, plans to ensure a life of luxury in the short time left to him by blackmailing Morris Harvey whom he has recognised as the former Charlie McGuire, an embezzler.
  • Turning up at Cathy's impressive home on the day she and Morris are due to return from a three month honeymoon cruise, Simon confronts Morris and demands ten thousand pounds.
  • Desperately trying to obtain money from the unwitting Cathy, Morris receives a nasty shock when he discovers she has only received a very small part of her late, millionaire husband's estate; the bulk going to her son, Philip.
  • Accordingly, he kidnaps Philip with Simon's help, eventually planning to kill the boy as the money would then pass to Cathy, but Simon, horrified by the turn of events, reveals everything to Cathy and signs a confession citing Morris.
  • With Philip safe Cathy sees Morris for the cold, calculating fortune hunter he is and banishes him from her home, turning the tables on him with a threat of her own.

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