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Lights are warm and coloured

Lights are warm and coloured
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Code: THPL-86352
Author: William Norfolk

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2m, 6f.

  • Several years after Lizzie Borden's trial and acquittal following the murder of her father and stepmother, she lives with her sister in another house in the same district.
  • One evening she invites a number of players from a visiting touring company for the evening.
  • They re-enact the circumstances of the crime, playing various characters involved.
  • Later the Bordens receive an unexpected visit from Bridget Sullivan who was their servant at the time of the crime, and a crucial witness.
  • It transpires that afterwards Lizzie gave her a sum of money.
  • Why? To conceal her own guilt?
  • Or was Bridget, in fact, the murderess?
  • No firm conclusions are possible, but as the final Curtain suggests, this solution might at least be imaginable.
  • Period 1905.

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