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Megan Terry's Home

Megan Terry's Home
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Code: THPL-86363
Author: Megan Terry

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6m, 4f.

  • The play takes place in the future: the population has exploded and the earth as we know it no longer exists.
  • There are no mountains, rivers, oceans, no grass, no dirt or mud.
  • The earth - and every planet in our solar system - is now a plastic shell, inside of each is a uniform honeycomb of rooms.
  • Sets of solar citizens live in the honeycombs.
  • How many people and what they are like, what kind of work they do, and whether or not they can marry and/or have a child are determined by Central Control based on the moon.
  • At present, each room contains nine people.
  • They are born in the room and they die in the room: it is impossible for any person to get out of the room he was born into except by death.
  • The action in the play covers one day in the lives of the nine people who live in one room: their home.


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