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Mick and Mick

Mick and Mick
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Code: THPL-86781
Author: Hugh Leonard

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8m, 6f.

  • On the eve of her brother's ordination to the priesthood, Fran returns home to Ireland having left eight years previously after being jilted by her fiancé Mick Humphries.
  • Now her return is equally precipitous after being propositioned by a second Mick, her publican employer in London.
  • Confronted by her mother and heavily pregnant sister Christine who are concerned with preparations for the ordination and the neighbours' reactions to Fran's unexpected appearance (bleached hair and low-cut dress), she finds a soul-mate in Charlie, her brother-in-law, who is trapped in a web of stifling domesticity.
  • Fran also meets up with Mick Humphries again who initially seems to take up where he left off, but the final cruel blow comes when Mick tells her he is already engaged and is speaking on his father's behalf.
  • Understandably, Fran feels compelled to leave home once more.

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