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Code: THPL-86784
Author: Simon Gray

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4m, 2f.

  • This is the story of a murder.
  • Molly, warm-hearted, passionate, is married to Teddy, a man many years older than herself, a pitiable but unlovable character, embittered, deaf, a drinker, with a lurking sadism, who delights in such petty torments as humiliating Molly by spanking her across his knees for smoking.
  • With them is Molly's severe but devoted companion, Eve.
  • Into this ill-assorted but outwardly reasonably calm household comes Oliver, a youth engaged as odd-job gardener and chauffeur.
  • Despite his ignorance and general unattractiveness Molly succumbs to starting a squalid affair.
  • After witnessing Molly's humiliation, Oliver, himself taunted and dismissed by Teddy, stabs his tormentor to death in a wild fit of rage, with the garden shears.
  • Period: 1930's.

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