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Quality Street

Quality Street
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Code: THPL-86785
Author: J M Barrie

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6m, 9f.

  • Quality Street is a cup of exquisite comic delight.
  • Set in England, about 1800, it is alive with elegant humour and wit.
  • There are several maiden women in the action, some of them a bit sour and curiously officious.
  • But the one named Phoebe, with the plain face, is a sparkling lass whose heart flutters for a bachelor by the name of Valentine, who is expected on a visit.
  • Sadly, we learn, Valentine, has come back not to propose to Miss Phoebe but to announce his enlistment in the Napoleonic wars.
  • Phoebe and her sister have met economic misfortune by teaching at a primary school.
  • Rejuvenated by his return, Phoebe in a carefree moment discards her prim clothes and expression, and becomes a gay young girl, extravagant with her smiles, as well as with her dances at the military balls.
  • The transformation is so complete that Phoebe is mistaken for a fictitious niece.
  • The deception increases the merriment and produces many sudden changes of the plot.
  • Valentine discovers his love for Phoebe, and then fortunately discovers the precarious plot in time to save it from the mischievous women. Surely this is one of the most endearing and enduring of all comedies.

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