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Mary of Scotland

Mary of Scotland
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Author: Maxwell Anderson

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13m, 6f.

  • In a life so filled with every element of tragedy on the grand style as that of Mary, Queen of Scots, there are, of course, many plays.
  • There was drama in her birth, with her father on his death-bed from which he bequeathed her a lost cause.
  • There was drama in her death, with an inexpert headsman swinging while she fumbled nervously at her rosary.
  •  From those too few years between, in which love, hate, ambition, avarice, ambition and revenge all washed against the rather bleak shores of her life, Maxwell Anderson has chosen for his play "Mary of Scotland," the six that began when she set foot on her unruly land as a queen and ended when the last ray of hope faded with the sunset she watched from the barred window of her prison room in Carlisle Castle.

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