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Code: THPL-86807
Author: Richard Harris

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3m, 4f.

  • Instant partnership - that's what faces Paul Gower, a script writer, and Graham Holliday, a novelist. In forty-eight hours they have to produce a film 'treatment' of Graham's novel.
  • The film producer has lent them his penthouse and his secretary, who has filled the place with food, drink, pencils, typing paper, in fact everything they could want - almost - in the next two days. Warily they skirt around one another - Paul overdoing the slick know-it-all professional bit, Graham overdoing the blunt, Sheffield miner's son bit.
  • They make a stab at their 'treatment', but it's impossible - who can work in these fabulous surroundings? And in any case, their train of thought is continually interrupted by strings of girls telephoning to speak to the producer.
  • What a good life the man must have. Well, they're in his flat, aren't they? And he wants them to have every amenity, doesn't he?
  • No reason why they shouldn't enjoy a bit of the good life too. No sooner said than arranged, and the good life duly arrives, in several shapely forms.

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