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O Mistress Mine

O Mistress Mine
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Code: THPL-86810
Author: Terrence Rattigan

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2m, 5f.

  • Full Length Play. Comedy.
  • Four years gone Olivia Brown is suddenly startled out of her comfortable complacency to find that she has to explain to her son, almost eighteen, unexpectedly returned from Canada after an absence of four years, that she is living with a man that she loves but one to whom she is not married.
  • The son, though a liberal in politics, is not a liberal in some things. As a matter of fact, he is pretty much a nasty little prig, and anyway, he doesn't like the man.
  • Because of this antagonism, she leaves her lavish surroundings and goes to a drab little flat and does the drab little things women are supposed to do in drab little flats.
  • Meanwhile, the son falls for a girl who is not above going to the Savoy; the boy is willing to forget that he is not supposed to like going to the Savoy, if that will win his girl, and the Cabinet Minister returns with a solution to the boy's problems and a proposal of marriage for the mother.
  •  An outstanding and charming comedy for advanced groups.

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