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The Other Ark

The Other Ark
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Code: THPL-86812
Author: Charles F. Jeffrey

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6m, 6f.

  • It has always been supposed that there was only one Ark. It appears, however, that there was another - inhabited by the stalwart MacAdam and his wife and three daughters, together with a small boy.
  • MacAdam has invented the water of life, christened "whiskey", and manages to get a stock aboard just before the waters float his gallery. He encounters Noah and his Ark.
  • The two fathers gamble, and Noah, perhaps over-fortified with whisky, loses his Ark and all its contents to MacAdam.
  • A solution is found when Noah's three sons pair off with MacAdam's three daughters - and for little Calum there is Catriona, a mermaid from a Scottish loch. Period, legendary.

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