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Who's Who?

Who's Who?
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Code: THPL-86813
Author: Keith Waterhouse & Ken Hall

Product Information

2m, 2f.

  • Full Length Play. Comedy.
  • Who's Who takes place in the lounge of a Brighton hotel a place of faded elegance where the inevitable trio saw away playing sad and dated ballads.
  • In the first act we follow the confusion that Mr. Black and Mr. White land themselves in as inextricable as the hotel itself in their efforts to cover up a clandestine weekend; a confusion which ends in no one knowing anyone else's identity and a hint that, even when things have more or less cleared up, it's likely to start all over again.
  • In the second act the male leads discuss the previous events and Mr. White says that if positions and identities had been reversed the confusion would never have happened. The situation is re-enacted on these lines, but with even more calamitous results!

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