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The Time Machine

The Time Machine
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Code: THPL-86857
Author: Tim kelly

Product Information

Cast 8m, 14f.

  • Young Filby, the inventor, invites some scientists to his home to hear about his latest invention, a machine that travels through time. 
  • Hilarity and adventure break out, especially when Mrs. Watchett, the cook, climbs aboard the machine and is propelled into the future! 
  • Watch what happens when the visitors from the past meet the Eloi, a strange race of young people...  and the Morlock, A brutal race living beneath the earth’s surface.
  • The thrills begin when the Morlocks steal the Time Machine, and Mrs. Watchett and Filby have to get it back! 
  • Watch what happens when the travellers return home and confront the sceptics.

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged.

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