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Sly Fox

Sly Fox
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Code: THPL-86878
Author: Larry Gelbart

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Cast 15m, 3f.

  • To tickle the humour of today's audiences, Volpone has been moved from 17th century Venice to turn of the century San Francisco.
  • Volpone is now called Foxwell J. Sly and he is the same scheming, rapacious miser bent on extracting fortunes from a trio of rich, greedy opportunists.
  • Sly, pretending to be on his death bed, says he will name each of the three as his sole heir.
  • The extent that the trio will go to acquire Sly's fortune knows no bounds.
  • One goes so far as to disinherit his only son; another offers up his wife to the lecherous Sly.
  • Sly is aided and abetted by his conniving servant in grabbing the other men's gold.

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