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Vernon God Little

Vernon God Little
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Code: THPL-86901
Author: Tanya Ronder

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Cast 5m, 4f

  • Vernon Little is fifteen years old and lives with his mother in Martirio, a flea-bitten Texan town.
  • His best friend just massacred sixteen of their classmates before killing himself.
  • The town wants vengeance and turns its sights on Vernon, who is arrested at the start of the story.
  • He seems to be guilty unless proven innocent and events soon spiral out of control.
  • Vernon looks on as even his closest family and friends are seduced by the sudden fame that has fallen onto Martirio as the scene of a gruesome crime, and turn against him.
  • He has to come up with a truly ingenious plan to prove his innocence.
  • This is an unusual coming-of-age story with many twists and turns and a thoroughly likeable central character.
  • Think Catcher in the Rye, on speed, interlaced with pop songs and as a black comedy.

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