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The Things Good Men Do

The Things Good Men Do
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Code: THPL-86906
Author: Dan Muirden

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Cast 3m, 2f

  • Nick is fast approaching thirty and watching his friends pair off, one by one.
  • And now, for the first time in his life, he’s head over heels in love; with Lucy, the woman he knows he wants to marry and have kids with.
  • But with every reformed womaniser comes a dark past, and Nick’s comes back to haunt him – in the form of the beguiling and now-pregnant Adriana.
  • Nick’s determined that his little secret will remain just that, but when Adriana makes it clear she wants more than just financial support, Nick can see his picture-perfect, middle-class future with Lucy slipping away.
  • So just how far will he go to keep himself in the game everyone else seems to be playing?

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