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Sammy's Magic Garden

Sammy's Magic Garden
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Code: THPL-86988
Author: Kjartan Poskitt

Product Information

m3, f3, o5.

  • This entertaining and funny musical ghost story introduces Sammy, a clever schoolboy, and his unusual parents, brainy Egbert and witty Gloria.
  • They have just moved into a new house overseen by a creepy housekeeper and a kindly, bumbling gardener.
  • When weird things start happening, curious Sammy insists that that the gardener admit him to the wildly overgrown garden where they find proof that a witch has enslaved enchanted Flower children.
  • Sammy and his friend Alice save the day: the children are released from their spell and even the witchy housekeeper is won over.

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged.

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