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Dr. Jekyll…Please Don't Hyde!

Dr. Jekyll…Please Don't Hyde!
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Code: THPL-87008
Author: Tim Kelly

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Cast 5M, 9F

  • Here’s a hilarious one act musical farce that spoofs Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic!  Dr. Henry Jekyll, a well-bred English doctor, probes the diabolic side of human nature and turns himself into the villainous Mr. Hyde...  the terror of London! 
  • The setting is Jekyll’s laboratory, which doubles nicely for Hyde’s apartment.  Jekyll has forced his attorney to make out a new will naming Hyde as his sole heir.  Trouble escalates as we meet wacky characters:  Lady Bugg and her icky daughter Alice; Mrs. Gush, whose little boy swallowed some coins and there’s been no change; and Mildred Kidneystone, who mistakes a hat rack for the doctor. 
  • Eventually, Jekyll must pay for his dangerous experiment.  A zany taste of tunes add to the spirited dialogue:  ’An Extraordinary Scene,’ ’What A Fortunate Girl Am I!’ and the show-stopping ’Don’t Let Him Get Away!’

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged.

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