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Too Long an Autumn

Too Long an Autumn
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Code: THPL-87049
Author: Jimmie Chinn

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Cast M3, F4

  • Long Autumn, appropriately named, is a retirement home for theatricals in the autumn of their lives, where euphemism reigns supreme, together with a firm belief that elderly equals senile.
  • Into their midst is flung Maisie May, a former music-hall star, too much of a burden for her strait-laced son and daughter-in-law, who do not find Maisie amusing.
  • Initially the ever-cheerful, irrepressible Maisie copes with the rigours of Long Autumn in her own inimitable style, but she becomes increasingly depressed.
  • Then one day a breezy impresario, Chris, arrives with big plans for Maisie...

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