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On the Verge

On the Verge
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Code: THPL-87080
Author: Eric Overmyer

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Cast M1, F3

  • Three Victorian lady explorers set out on an adventure that takes them to darkest Africa, highest Himalaya and Terra Incognita.... 
  • Blending Tom Stoppard's limber linguistics with the historic overview of a Thornton Wilder, Mr Overmyer takes his audience on a mirthful safari...spinning into time travel.
  • Three `sister sojourners', each a prototypical Victorian lady explorer, equipped with dialog as pithy as their helmets, thwack their machetes through the wilderness while telling tales of past jaunts among the natives.
  • As intrepid trekkers, they put the lie to any charge that they are representatives of a weaker sex. Mr Overmyer has written a play that is joyfully feminist.  
  • Heroines to their heart, the explorers can accommodate themselves to any emergency (natural or man-made).

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