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Access Science The Material World

Access Science The Material World
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  • Access Science has been designed to give valuable practical learning opportunities to all students but mainly to students who are experiencing learning difficulties.
  • Science can be a great motivator for students with special needs who often experience failure and low self-esteem, and who have often not taken part in practical activities in the past.
  • It is now recognised that suitable experiments, investigations or relevant problem-solving activities can be great motivators.
  • They can give enjoyment and create a willingness to work at a task producing a sense of success, as there are no 'right' answers when solving a suitably chosen problem.
  • A solution can be as valid as anyone else’s, providing it solves the problem.
  • All solutions have value and with discussion and some help can lead to the students reaching an even higher level of achievement.
  • Each student activity is supported by teacher notes which provide guidance and support.
  • Activities are simple and easy to read.
  • Students are asked to reflect, predict and ask questions.
  • Each book contains 48 photocopiable pages.

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged. Only while stock lasts.

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