More Media Works! - Book B

More Media Works! - Book B
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  • In More Media Works students are invited to discover more about the mass media through four substantial units of work.

Students will explore the high interest areas of:

  • radio talkback and television talk shows
  • how people become famous and stay in the public eye
  • the world of magazines and their different styles
  • writing the news.
  • The link between each area is the manipulation of the public through a variety of media 'tools' like show hosts, public relations people, advertisers and those who control the news media.
  • The purpose is to help students engage critically with some of the greatest influences on the way they view the world around them.

This book looks at:

  • becoming a 'public figure'
  • the role of the publicist
  • infotainment
  • planning a publicity campaign
  • writing in a journalistic style
  • putting together a news story
  • and a simulation of a news room working on the front page of a daily.

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Ideal for lower secondary

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