Transport - Book 1

Transport - Book 1
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Product Information

  • These books take a look at transport—from skateboards to spaceships—and provide many interesting ideas and suggestions for class use.
  • The activities are spread across a number of learning areas, including Mathematics, Science, English, Research, Technology & Design and Society & Environment.

Activities include:

  • Experiments;
  • Dis-assembly days;
  • Game development;
  • Timelines;
  • Groovy gears and crazy cogs;
  • Bike check-up;
  • Machines;
  • Crash helmets;
  • Air pollution;
  • Dust and dirt;
  • Crash tests;
  • Internal combustion engines.

Please note: Product may be an old edition or slightly damaged. Only while stock lasts.

Ideal for ages 8-10

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