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Father and Child Reunion

Father and Child Reunion
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  • Just as the last third of the twentieth century was about creating equal opportunity for women as workers, so the first third of the twenty-first century will be about creating equal opportunity for men as parents.
  • In this book, Dry Warren Farrell challenges us to be part of a revolutionary act—to acknowledge the importance of fathers in the lives of families.
  • He argues that, in the face of a progressively unsupportive social climate, we need to affirm the vital role of fathers in developing a child's emotional and social maturation.
  • He reveals how, over the past 30 years, governments, legal systems and the media have reflected a negative attitude to the role of fathers and effectively diminished the importance of men in children's lives.
  • Farrell shows, for instance, how the current approach to custody and access is damaging children; and how, frequently, fathers are wrongly depicted as abusers.
  • He cites extensive research on child development that links the involvement of the father to significant emotional and social benefits in children.
  • The best interests of the child, Farrell argues, are served primarily by the intact family and (in the case of divorced families) by shared parent time—that is, joint physical custody.
  • He calls on our political, legal and social institutions and the public to recognise and promote this.
  • At once visionary and practical, Father and Child Reunion is a significant contribution to the key issues facing men, parents and families today. 

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