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Standards-Based Social Studies

Standards-Based Social Studies
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  • When students are meaningfully involved in active learning tasks and in the planning and evaluation of their work, they are more enthusiastic about instructional activities, they learn and retain more and their overall rate of achievement is greater.
  • Graphic organisers, rubrics and writing prompts are tools teachers use to encourage such involvement from their students.
  • Graphic Organisers can be used to enhance classroom instruction in a variety of ways.
  • They provide visual organisation, develop scope and sequence and furnish a plan of action or aid in assessment.
  • Standard based rubrics have proven extremely useful in helping students maintain interest and evaluate their own progress.
  • Some of the benefits of rubrics are they encourage collaboration between students and teachers, they allow for individual creativity and they are meaningful to parents.
  • Writing prompts provide the opportunity for students to process learned material, communicate with peers and question material being studied.

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