A Developmental Music Program - Stage 1 Rhythm cards

A Developmental Music Program - Stage 1 Rhythm cards
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  • Contains individual rhythm cards; 20 taa, 20 ti-ti, 10 rests and flash cards (1 each of 8 basic rhythms).

This program builds on Kodaly's beliefs that:

  • all children should have access to music
  • the main resources are the child's own voice and body movements
  • children learn most easily in the early childhood years
  • a music program should be sequentially structured and adjusted to the children's developmental levels.
  • This program makes no attempt to include everything that may be suggested in the music curriculum.
  • The intention is to supplement and support the curriculum guides and show classroom teachers ways of developing children's aural and music reading skills.
  • This is done through drawing on a well-known repertoire of simple songs.

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