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Catfight - Why women compete with each other

Catfight - Why women compete with each other
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  • In Catfight, Leora Tanenbaum explores the roots of destructive competitiveness among women.
  • Catfights thrive, she says, because women are conditioned to regard each other as adversaries rather than allies.
  • In virtually every walk of life, women compete with their 'sisters' in a tacit contest over who is the 'better' woman.
  • From diets to dating, from the boardroom to the delivery room—the author describes how women compare their looks, bodies, men, career achievements and competence as mothers.
  • Drawing on dozens of interviews and a library of feminist writings, Tanenbaum explores the ways in which women impede, and sometimes sabotage, each other's success and happiness.
  • In revealing the state of play in the US, Catfight also sheds light on an under examined issue in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere: how things really work between women.
  • These revelations will surprise men, and will have women nodding their heads in recognition.
  • Competitiveness is a point of concern and possible anguish for many women of varying ages, making this book an important contribution to a discussion of this corrosive interpersonal force.

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