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Stepfamily Life

Stepfamily Life
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  • In this book, Margaret Newman, an experienced couple and family counsellor and a member of a stepfamily herself, describes challenges that members of a stepfamily usually encounter.
  • In her experience, stepfamily life is different, and therefore different solutions are needed to get it 'on track' and, more importantly, to help it survive.
  • In this reassuring and straightforward book, Margaret Newman considers a wide range of stepfamily scenarios, and gives practical suggestions as to what to do in each case to overcome any difficulties.
  • Stepfamily Life helps the reader to understand the dynamics of life in a stepfamily—what lies beneath the surface—and how to rationally approach each family issue concerning adults and children.
  • Margaret Newman highlights the fact that while skills such as communication are very important, so too is self-awareness and a basic knowledge of family life.
  • Using case studies and the experience of working with a broad range of stepfamily situations, Margaret Newman examines problem areas and explains what is happening and what to do about it.
  • She shows how, despite the obstacles, a happy stepfamily life can be achieved.

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