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Bearbrass - Imagining Early Melbourne

Bearbrass - Imagining Early Melbourne
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  • 'When I lived there, I made Melbourne my village. I'm not talking suburban Melbourne, where rusticity can be close as the corner shop' a few Scotch thistles, a galvanised iron roof and a flickering Peter's ice cream cone can work magic on your sense of time and place. I made my village of central Melbourne—and it's village takes some finding. I think of it as Bearbrass... '
  • By the power of her imagination, Robyn Annear has resurrected the village that was early Melbourne—from the arrival of white settlers in 1835 until the first gold rushes shook the town—and brought it to life in vivid colour.
  • Bearbrass was one of the local names by which Melbourne was known and this book provides a fascinating living portrait of the streetlife of this town.

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