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Stand in the Wind

Stand in the Wind
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Code: THSP-79369
Author: Jean Little

Product Information

  • At a beach cottage, two sets of sisters who have never met before must spend a few days together without their parents.
  • First there's Martha Winston—friendly, fearless (except for bats), casual and a bit of a practical joker.
  • The there's her older sister, Ellen, easy-going, good-hearted and a peacemaker.
  • How will they get along with the Swann sisters—Christine, quiet and shy, and Rosemary, cool and smooth, who acts like the whole world owes her something?
  • When Rosemary starts being mean to Martha, Martha can't believe Christine sticks up for her older sister.
  • It looks like it's going to be the longest holiday ever, until Martha discovers something about Christine that changes everything.

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