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Love, Charlie Mike

Love, Charlie Mike
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Code: THSP-79372
Author: Kate De Goldi

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  • 'He looks at me, full face, and I can see how drawn, how much older that face is—dark pits under his eyes, lines of tiredness. He's not the warrior king I fell for eight months ago…'
  • Christy Callaghan is under siege. Her father is dangerously close to losing it—mentally. Her grandmother has lost it. And Christy's on the brink herself.
  • She's lost her boyfriend Sonny, to a peacekeeping assignment in Bosnia. Suddenly their love no longer seems sure.
  • Now, in an attempt to uncover an old family secret, Christy is on a train journey to the West Coast.
  • She is determined to return her family—and herself—to lasting peace.

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