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Strange Matter - Tune into Terror

Strange Matter - Tune into Terror
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  • Welcome to the next level of terror...
  • Nexus. Virtual reality with a bite. An online video game has taken the world by storm.
  • Its fanatical players call it the most incredible battle simulation ever created.
  • But Billy Keen doesn't think so. He wishes he had never played it.
  • After Bill won the Nexus online tournament, strange things started happening.
  • From his television changing channels by itself, to his computer turning on and off at all hours of the night.
  • Billy discovers the true nature of his technological terror.
  • Now, in the labyrinth of halls at the Fairfield University Computer Science Building, Billy is playing Nexus for real—against a horrifying opponent that could not possibly exist.
  • And if Billy isn't careful, the game could end with a fatal error...

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