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Code: THSP-79413
Author: Sally Drewe

Product Information

  • Jimmy Jenkins lives alone with his mother at the top of a block of flats which is rapidly turning into a slum.
  • Jimmy's unemployed mother spends most of her time watching the television with only the small red pills that the doctor has given her for her 'nerves' to keep her company.
  • Jimmy and his friends create their own 'entertainment' in the drab concrete environment.
  • The boys terrorize the drunken old tramps who sit in the garden of a dilapidated old house.
  • Afterwards they play hide and seek but Jimmy's hiding place is turned into a trap and he cannot get out, despite his frantic efforts.
  • Will anyone hear Jimmy's scream for help? Will anyone come to his aid? or will him remain trapped?
  • Part of the Fiction Factory reader series of original texts.

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