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The Girls They Left Behind

The Girls They Left Behind
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Author: B. Goldsmith & B. Sandford

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  • 'War is all so futile but I suppose there's good in everything and the good things I remember about the war were the unity of the people, the love for our nation. It's a long time ago, but when I talk about it now that feeling comes back.'
  • Fifty years have passed but the memories are still vivid.
  • In 1939 World War II began and Australia responded to the call to defend the British Empire.
  • But what of the girls they left behind?
  • This is not an historian's view of war but the collective voice of real women, recalling in simple and compelling words the heartaches, triumphs and tragedies, the strength and sense of purpose which sustained them in the dark days.
  • They 'dried their eyes and got on with the business of living.'

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